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AddLife is known for its reliability and excellent customer service. We maintain this reputation by ensuring that all essential equipment has redundancies in event of unforeseeable & unavoidable machine stoppage which translates to minimal downtime and best in class service to customers.

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Industries We Services

Aerospace Industries
Medical Industries
Automobile Industries
Die & Mould Industries
Electronics (3C)

AddLife PVD Coatings

Benefits of AddLife PVD Coating

  • Cost Effective
  • Improves Tool Life
  • Better Wear Resistance
  • Better Hot Hardness
  • Optimized For Hard Machining

Salient Features

  • Smooth Coatings
  • High Hardness
  • Better Wear Resistance
  • Low Coefficient Of Friction

Industry Proven PVD Coatings

alucon img
FerroCon Plus Gold ®

Advantages of AddLife HiPIMS Coatings

Oxidation – Resistant
Low Friction
Very Smooth Coatings
Deposition of Thick Coatings
High Level of Hardness And Hot Hardness
High Flexibility

HiPIMS Technology

HIPIMS sets new standards and combines the advantages of all current technologies.

  • Flexibility
  • Coating thicknesses up to 12 Mm
  • Dense structure of the coating
  • Residual stress management for low compressive stresses in the coating
  • Smoothness, 100% without droplets
  • Perfect for micro tools
  • Excellent Coating Coating adhesion
  • Hardness and toughness at the same time
  • Deposition rate
  • Coating distribution


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Pretreatment of the tools

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