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DC Sputter

During sputtering, the material is vaporized and deposited as a coating directly from solid into gas. In traditional processes, the coating material must be melted. This inevitably creates droplets that become blemishes on the coating structure and lead to a very rough surface. During sputtering, these droplets do not appear. The USP of the sputter technology is the extremely smooth surface. Another advantage of the sputter technology is a significant reduction of the internal stress inside the coating.


HiPIMS is the next generation technology of DC sputtering. The performance peaks with the HiPIMS process form a high energy plasma that ionizes the deposited materials at unprecedented levels. The high flux of highly ionized species result in a very dense and a nearly completely amorphous coating structure.

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Coating solutions offered by AddLife caters to wide range of industries.

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Addlife having various stages to complete a process.

About Us


Coating solutions offered by AddLife caters to wide range of industries including, auto-component, automobile, die & mould, aerospace, and medical, among others. We provide surface coating solutions for cutting tools, dies, punches, cores, gear hobs, broaches, & surgical equipment.

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AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd., incorporated in 2013, has established a state of the art coating center in technical partnership with CemeCon AG, Germany, at Bangalore, India. AddLife coatings use the latest PVD sputter technology. This results in a smooth and strongly adhesive coating thereby reducing tool wear. The flexibility of sputter technology can be leveraged to create an unlimited variety of coating for various applications AddLife Coating Systems Pvt. Ltd.,

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About Us

AddLife is known for its reliability and excellent customer service. We maintain this reputation by ensuring that all essential equipment has redundancies in event of unforeseeable & unavoidable machine stoppage which translates to minimal downtime and best in class service to customers.

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